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Best way to organise and keep your bedsheets

I stay in an extended family with a child and toddler. This makes finding the same set of bed sheet a challenge.  Our queen sized bed in the Master Bedroom is now fitted with covers from three different bed sheet sets. A pillow in pink cover and another in green. The bed sheet is green too. We managed to fit both our bolsters and the quilt (duvet) with covers from the same beige bed sheet set.  Pretty and colourful perhaps, but it feels a little disorganised to have mixed up covers.

Last week, I was delighted to be able to pack the stored bed sets together. It’s simple! Just fold the whole set of the bedding (bed sheet, pillow cases, bolster covers, quilt cover), and then open up one pillow case, and fill all of them in. They should fill up half the pillow case. Fold the pillow case into half and tuck it away neatly. Never get another set of bedding mixed up or incomplete, ever again!

The credit goes to this YouTube Video on “Organize your Bed Sheets Quick Tip”, by It’s practical, free, and easy!  (if you cannot watch YouTube from where you are now, don’t fret!  Scroll down for my recommendation to another blog on this same method.)


For those who are unable to watch YouTube when reading this blog post, this is a picture based blog post I recommend. It uses the same cool method to organise and store your bedsheets!  How to Store your Duvet cover sets.

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