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My girl is two!

Tonight, we had a simple family celebration for my girl. Time flies; she will be two years old in 4 days.

She was jumping with joy when her Daddy took out a Carebear birthday cake from the fridge. After we sang the birthday song, and cut the cake, her “Xiao3 Gu1” gave her a Hello Kitty water bottle and a set of Hello Kitty crayons. We usually had to nag her to drink water, but tonight, she insisted on drinking water from her new water bottle.

When our girl has settled down a little, from her excitement, my hubby presented to her, a Hello Kitty Kitchen Set we bought for her. I was delighed to see her enjoying the set. She enjoyed pretending to cook noodles and eggs. It was obvious that she likes “Gong1 Gong1” best; she kept serving him with his favourite food (fish), and only served the rest of us when told to do so.

Our boy got excited watching his sister play, and wanted a share in the game. He gestured violently that he wanted some of the kitchen set items. Wa-lah!!! In a split second, both of them started snatching the toy carrot, and of course, my girl won. My boy burst out crying loudly, and my girl didn’t go soft… she practially ignored his cries. It hurt to see her unmoved by his cries, although that was a common sight for the past few weeks.

I had fun, and was happy to see my girl enjoyed herself tonight.

4 thoughts on “My girl is two!

  1. Ahhh, good times for sure! Mine will be 2 in October. This looks like an awesome present. Hello Kitty was my childhood fav. Happy Birthday to Girl! hehe

  2. hai, what a wonderful present….may i know where u buy it because i cant find it until now… daughter will have her bday on april….hope u can help me….thanks a lot

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