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My boy will be three years old soon

My dear toddler BoiBoy will let go of his toddler title tomorrow as he turns three. May BoiBoy be a healthy, well-behaved, and sensible boy.

I love BoiBoy no matter:
– how much of a Mummy’s boy he is,
– how often he tells me I allowed him to do things I have disallowed,
– how consistently he refuses to let me go to work on my first work day of the week,
– how he keeps dashing around the house while I suggest he walks like an elephant,
– how hard he boxes me in my face while I pat him in bed.
WE all love him!!!

As usual, we had a small family gathering to enjoy a buy-back dinner. We did not forget the must-haves : birthday cake, birthday song, candle blowing, and birthday PRESENTS!!!

DeeDee and I bought him a Big Zoo Lego set. It’s expensive SGD$179.90 and we never thought we would buy any Lego this life. This was our first purchase. After we played with GerGer’s first Lego set (her 4 years old birthday present from my Sister-In-Law), we were convinced Lego’s quality and design is very good and it is worth the price.

Now I wonder if I should be a Lego Affiliate, Haaa!!



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