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My boy is two!

Time flies. My boy will be two years old in about two weeks. Tonight we had a family gathering for a cake-cutting fun time. Three of them (my elder girl, boy, and younger niece) have grown by so much the past year.

Hubby and I gave him a set of fun Dragon-pops-out-from-the-castle family game. It can allow up to four players and I


intended to let the three children play together. Although the box stated “for 2 years old onwards”, I thought that my niece who turns two only next Jan could play. But I realized my niece is too young to play it right. The top of the Castle can only be rotated with the flags out of it, (I gather from the instructions). My niece who has the best motor skills among the three, was turning the castle top with the flags still hanging from the castle. I have kept it for future playtime when they are older.


Sister-In-Law bought my boy a set of clothes. Cute mickey mouse long sleeve blouse and a Capri pants. Nice!

My photos and videos of my family are in various formats (eg AVI, MOV) and it’s not easy to compile without loosing quality in converting the videos. It has been my wish to be able to showcase a compiled video on Television for the whole family to enjoy and chat about how the kids have reached each milestone. I’ll continue shelving this wish until the time is right for me to invest in some gadgets perhaps?

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