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Mum’s struggle with antibiotics

My boy was given antibiotics by the General Practitioner on Lunar New Year’s Day. That night, he took a mouth of it and refused the rest of his 5ml dosage. We force fed the rest with a spoon.

The second day (yesterday), we force fed him the morning dose. I cradled him with one arm holding down his hands and my husband syringed the antibiotics into his cheeks.

Last night, after my failed attempt to talk him into taking the antibiotics, we force fed again. I guess my husband released the medication faster than what his body desired and he puked his dinner and the antibiotic. I consoled my boy saying “It’s alright.” But my husband shouted at him for not cooperating with us. I felt helpless, despite my Mother-In-Law telling my husband off for scolding my boy.

Today I’m not at work as I want to face the challenge with my boy together. This morning, I used half an hour to feed him one dose of antibiotic. He is smart. Even though I mixed the white anitibiotic with red rose syrup, he knew it was the same medicine.

I talked to him nicely enticing him with sweets, a scooter ride at the hardcourt, a bus ride, etc. He agreed but cried once he saw the medicine. He has grown to fear it after the past few force-fed doses. I was desperate. I force fed him with a syringe all by myself but this time, a little bit at a time. I stroked his chest downward to calm him down after each partial feeding. I even gave him a gummy sweet after the first force feed session. I reminded him of the scooter ride coming up after the medicine.

Three sessions of force feeding and he took about 95% of the dose. He was crying hard after the last of the three grabbing and force feeding session. I praised him loudly, “Look! You did it! You finished your medicine!” He stopped crying, looked surprised and happy, and then wanted me to carry him. I carried him out of my room as I cleared the plate of spoon, syringe and cup. He exclaimed “I finished my medicine!” and everyone clapped to show their support.

I fed my girl her inflammation medicine, then brought my children downstairs, my girl on a tricycle and my boy on a scooter (two-in-one type) to play. A while later, my helper asked “Mad’m, no eat?”. I have forgotten to take my breakfast and my antibiotic!!!

A while later my Mother-In-Law came downstairs to take over so I could return home to have breakfast and medicine. I’m thankful.

Mothers are great aren’t we?

I have two more antibiotic dosages to administer for my boy. Phew. Dear God, please give me strength and patience.

(update @ 4pm: I just called the Dr to check, oh dear, he needs another six more doses! I’m going to faint)

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