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I am very happy my boy has completed the five day course of antibiotic. Hmm.. the GP says it should be a seven day course but at minimum five days. Since my boy had to be force fed, we decided to stop at five.

Just as I thought I could take a breather, my girl vomited on Thursday night and twice yesterday, with symptoms similar to those my boy had. After work (I reported to work in the afternoon), we brought her to the Pediatrician.

I’m mentally tired but I have to press on. This is motherhood.

Mum, I love you for all the care you showered on me. Thank you.

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    1. 🙂 thank you! I can feel drained one moment and in the next moment I would do things my kids like just so I can see their lovely contagious smiles, and hear their laughter which fills my heart with joy and charges me up with energy.

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