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Merry Christmas – The Gift

In my twenties, I had a collection of Christmas CDs. Every year, I would add a new CD to my collection. Most are sentimental Christmas albums, while a couple were fast numbers. Motherhood in my thirties has somehow robbed time for indulgence in the delight of listening to Christmas songs. As I composed this blog post, I vaguely remember the emotional state of my indulgence.

I was going to share my list of CDs collected in this blog post, and got myself into a state of shock when I could not find them. After ransacking a cupboard of photo albums and discs, I finally found my latest addition to the collection – a gift from a dear friend about five or six Christmas ago (The Collection stopped growing thereafter). I knew her during my University days, and I’m proud to say we are still in close contact today. Our family went to her place for Christmas gathering on Sunday. The Album is The Gift by Corrinne May. I hope the rest of my collection is still somewhere at my place or my Mum’s.

I took a moment to recall the other Christmas CD albums I had, and Kenny G’s The Miracles: The Holiday Album came to mind immediately. It was a gift as well, from a great friend from my Secondary School days, but from another school.  We got acquainted because of a combined-school performance when I was in Secondary Two. I’m also proud that we are still in contact today. We met over lunch a few weeks ago to catch up. He bought a lot of my 3D Christmas Stand Up Cards.

I wish everyone happiness, health, and many happy moments in life. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Merry Christmas Duck Torch
Merry Christmas Duck Torch

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