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Marble and Bubble – Parenting Negative Emotions

BoiBoy is challenging and interesting to parent. He is a wonderful boy. Caring, loving and always giving. Times when I fell ill, he would lie beside me just to accompany me. He is always giving me positive hugs for no reason. Whenever we finish a meal at the food court or market, and everyone walks off while I pack the water bottles and pack of tissue paper into my bag, he would wait for me (so loving).

He has his colourful side. His emotions are abundant. He gets angry easily and fast, but he forgets the reason as fast. He gets upset and then shuts up for a long time, and it was not easy for us to handle as he was not talking.

Three years ago, I started manifesting daily.  Credit goes to Colette Streicher, the founder of Manifesting All Possibilities (  MAP is not about manifesting, but Colette shared about manifesting on Facebook previously and I benefited.  [side note: I’m now a MAP Practitioner-to-be]

About half a year ago, while I was manifesting all the good things in my life. An image of a marble and a bubble came to my mind. And the meaning behind the image also came together. I immediately used it in parenting BoiBoy (and GerGer too) it worked magically until today.

I gathered BoiBoy and GerGer and asked them to imagine a MARBLE.  This MARBLE is unique to each one of us, and it represents the REAL us.  We took turns to share our view of each person’s real personality. I started and shared about BoiBoy’s MARBLE representing Loving, Giving and Caring. BoiBoy shared about GerGer’s MARBLE representing Considerateness, Giving, and Kindness. GerGer shared about what my MARBLE represented. We hugged and celebrated the REAL us.

Following that, I explained that our MARBLES are sometimes vulnerable, especially when we meet people whom we fear, people who intimidate us, people whom we feel uneasy with. When we face events that we are unfamiliar with, or stressful about, our MARBLES will feel uneasy too. THIS is when our MARBLES will create a BIG BUBBLE around it, to cover up the vulnerable feeling. This is the way our MARBLES  protect themselves.

What do our BUBBLES do?  Our BUBBLES make us Angry, Cry or Shout. These are emotions that our BUBBLES show to the world, just to protect our real MARBLES.

What do we do when our MARBLES create BUBBLES?

Well, we just have to POP our BUBBLES and let our MARBLES shine again !!!

We had an agreement that the next time our BUBBLES appear, we just need to POP them!

So, when BoiBoy gets angry at the slightest thing I said.  I no longer need him to express his feelings; I no longer need to make him talk.  I just say “I think we have some BUBBLES to POP!”  I would usually go first, by asking him to POP my BUBBLE. By this time he would be wiping away his angry tears.  Then I would ask him for permission to POP his BUBBLE and his arms would stretch out and I would go “Pppppppp-OOOOOoooooo-PPPPPpppp!” and we would SMILE and HUG to celebrate that our MARBLES are shinning again !

Please try this method. If it helps you, please give me some feedback with comments, so that I know if I have helped someone out in this world with this MARBLE and BUBBLE method that the Universe granted me when I was manifesting.

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