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MAP as a tool for mindful parenting (Manifesting All Possibilities)

Today BoiBoy returned from school disappointed that his molar has not fallen off totally. He didn’t sleep well the night before as it had gotten very loose and he was scared. I used MAP to calm him and he got back to sleep.

I was not sure how I was going to handle his disappointment and fear when I saw him return home from school. After much deliberation, he asked me to pull out the molar for him. Even before my fingers touched his lips, he screamed in fear. The fear was so real to me. His lower jaw shivered. So he was truly not in control of this negative emotions.

We took a break and he sat at the hall while I did some work. If I had not known MAP, I would be screaming through my head, scolding him for being a coward, and not being a “real man” facing problems. MAP made me realised how real negative emotions are in life and how they can immobilize anyone.

I reminded myself that MAP worked the night before, and it should work again today! So I had him lie down on the sofa. I asked him acknowledge his fears, and invited him to fully feel what the emotions were. He cried, and his lower jaw shivered uncontrollably. I asked for his permission and then used some MAP commands to communicate with his subconscious. It took a few rounds of various commands to calm him.

Next I asked him to visualize the tooth falling out painlessly. I asked him to visualize himself laughing as the tooth falls out, and all the positive emotions he could imagine. I gave him more commands for his subconscious to embrace the new beliefs and emotions. We did this a few rounds with variations. He was really calm by then. Not a sound was uttered as I used my fingers to reach into his mouth to grab his dangling molar. I gently pulled and the molar was out. He teared but laughed !!! We both laughed. What a breeze it was for us compared to his emotional state before MAP.

I’m grateful that I know know MAP, a powerful tool which is helping me in my mindful parenting journey. I was able to empathize with then, and what felt great was my ability to help him manage his emotions and visual a happier reality!!!

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