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Made learning interesting. A pleasant surprise.

I was busy with my girl not wanting to go to school on Monday, and as a result busy with work on Tuesday catching up on the outstanding tasks. So I had no materials for today’s home teaching. I reached home at about 3.40pm and immediately turned on my laptop to search for and prepared materials. Today lesson plan was Chinese enrichment.

I printed the materials I needed and took a shower before sitting down to laminate the required pieces. It was 6.00pm when I had dinner, and after that I had to complete a piece of work from home. 🙁

Teaching started late at about 7.30pm. I first taught the children word recognition of 大 and 小. Then I played a game with them. I would count to 3 and shout the Chinese word. The first child that places the correct word in the middle of the table wins. The loser gets pinched on the ear by me. This idea didn’t sink in well. So I changed plan and rewarded the winner with a toy in our home. They seemed more motivated this way and my girl smiled more as she collected more toys (none were new ones). I had fun too.

When there were doing rather well, I handed then two pictures, explained to them what were in them. I then handed then two smaller pieces of the words and requested they place the correct word into the square. 🙂 They liked it too!

At this point, I requested for my husband’s help to guide my girl to write 大. I then went out with my boy to the living room and put pairs of toys in front of him and asked him to put the correct words on them. He enjoyed it.

My girl needed dotted lines to write, but Im happy that she did not resist writing tonight according to my husband’s observation. I felt so good. I managed to make tonight’s learning more interesting for them.


I was surprised they wanted more. So we played similar number games on the hopscotch carpet (my girl’s 3 year old birthday gift), with me asking them to place their toys on specific numbers in the carpet. They had fun though my boy wasn’t following the game rules.

They wanted more! So u took out a few sets of flashcards I made in the past to flash. Then my girl wanted more, while my helper brought brought my boy to brush his teeth. I brought out from the store room two sets of Linking Memory Game (meant for younger children) and my girl could do it without problems.

I had a wonderful evening! I’m thankful for the pleasant surprise! It made my time and effort spent on making the materials worth it.

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