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Lunar New Year

14 Feb 2010 was Lunar New Year’s Day.

This New Year was the most challenging one my hubby and I have ever had. My girl had a fever and runny nose on New Year’s Eve. She was cranky and whiney the whole time. The runny nose medicine we administered did not help. In-Laws were busy with prayers the whole morning of New Year’s Eve and in the afternoon, the cleaning company we engaged for weekly cleaning arrived to clean the flat. It was challenging for the whole family to manage the chaos – of preparing for chinese new year while handling her crankiness and babysitting my four-month old boy.

On New Year’s Day, my girl’s fussing continued the whole morning. It was difficult for hubby and me to keep our spirits up after handling her continuous crying episodes the day before. Her fever subsided, but her nose was blocked. By 12pm plus, we left our flat to “Bai Nian” (visit).

My girl and boy were the youngest at 3rd Uncle’s place, amongst the children who were there. As I watched the older children play and had fun, I wish my girl could be happier. She is a cry baby and cries at almost everything she is unhappy with. A colleague said it is my fault as I was moody about work and irritable when I was pregnant with her. Well, perhaps, I thought, but continue hoping that she will one day be happier. I keep wondering if there is anything I can do to help. I also look forward to a time when both my little ones are more grown up, and more independent. Everyone tells me that would be two years from now.

My whiney girl and her younger brother had their naps at 3rd uncle’s place, and we left for home once there were awake. I had sore throat by the time we reached home at about 4pm, and popped Panadols. My girl did not sleep well that night. She whined almost every hour and could not finish her milk. I did not sleep well as a result, and was running a temperature of 38 degree Celsius by the next morning.  I swallowed more Panadols.

My girl was cranky as ever on the second day of Lunar New Year, and I gave her a earful in the late morning, and told her if I heard another nonsensical cry from her, I would not bring her out to “Bai Nian”. She stopped her crankiness for a while, and Hubby and I brought her out for a short home visit.

Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law visited with their one month old baby girl in the evening and we had steamboat. With young ones in the flat, we had to eat in two shifts. The flat was very noisy for the first time with three little ones orchestrating a series of cries. We were all so busy that we have not got the chance to take a family photo, which we have all been looking forward to. By the time we were settled down, my girl was asleep.

My girl has not recovered. She has thick greenish mucus today, and has not regained her appetitte. We will bring her to the pediatrician tomorrow for a review.

Right now, I look forward to having our first family photo, real soon.

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  1. things will be better soon. it is always a difficult time when the young ones are sick. they get whiny and are irritated easily, which leads to crying and a frustrated mum! 😉

    while they are babies, we must see the good side of it and be with them for their milestones. when they are big, they will no longer wanna follow daddy n mummy around. by that time, it is our turn to cry! ;P

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