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Love Latte

Last Tuesday, (18 Oct) I met an ex colleague of mine. I was her Buddy under the HR’s buddy scheme for new staff. Pretty lady, still as pretty when I met her on Tuesday. Nice lady, who supported my Xmas Gifts Project and bought two beaded Xmas Trees from me. It’s been 7 years since I left that company and we haven’t met since then. We had a 30 minute tea and chat session near her office and I’m thankful we caught up with each other.

I went to run some errands after we parted, and then met my girlfriend. A dear friend whom I’ve know during school days since we were 13 years old. I remain grateful to her for picking me up in her very own way, when I was going through an extremely bad patch in my life back then. If not for her kindness and wonderful friendship, I’m pretty sure if I would have fallen deeper into my dark patch then. I’m glad we are in touch all these years. It warms my heart just thinking of our friendship.

We shared a blueberry and banana brownie, she had orange juice, and I had my usual choice of Latte. I liked how my Latte looked, with a heart pattern on it. It was an appropriate reminder that we should not forget to love our friends as we get busy with our own lives.

Love Latte:


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