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It’s two going on three months

Time really flies. Our food retail store has opened for two months, going on three. We have been on a roller coaster ride, and now that things has more or less settled, we still face manpower issues. I’m the creative sort, so everyday I dream of the possible customized cakes I can provide to customers.  I do up posters for the shop, I do photo editing. These keeps me going on and on.

The down side is that I have lost time for interaction with my children, but of late, I spend most of my mornings at home, just to be physically around them.  I don’t get to interact with them much because of the tons of admin work to be done behind the retail store.

My lovely BoiBoy is as sticky as ever.  Every night when I reach home, he would pull me over to the sofa and sit me down. He would hold down my thighs to prevent me from getting up.  I have to negotiate with him just to get a quick shower.  On some mornings, he doesn’t need my company, but on other mornings, he needs my company so much that he still refuses to go to school unless I shower him, I change him and I fetch him to school.

GerGer’s drawing skills has improved. She no longer need references to draw. She is able to sketch a picture simply with a pencil and paper. How cool is that?  How I adore this ability. After watching Disney’s DVD Rapunzel for weeks, she drew this picture for me. She may not be the best but I really think she is pretty amazing!

I do miss my children. VERY MUCH!  I just want to do what a mother should do. Simple yet not easily achievable, with DeeDee’s practical financial plans for us.

I pray everyday that our business will be more stable soon, that we will hire the right staff to help us run the store, and that we will have the wisdom to know how to increase sales.


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