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It’s end of April; progress on Appreciation Education

Time flies and tomorrow comes May. April has been an exciting month for me, as I helped a friend in his business, in areas where I added value. I could mainly help out on weekends drafting documents from home.

There was once I spent six hours on a weekend drafting a document. That day, both my children were playing with one another and my attention was not needed.

Last night, I needed to review some documents on my computer. My elder girl was asleep early as she skipped her nap. My boy demanded for my attention halfway through. My husband and Mother-In-Law tried to distract him but to no avail. He cried loudly and I let them work harder at distracting him. He was so loud that my Father In Law was awakened. At this juncture, my husband lost his patience. He shouted “Enough!”.

That triggered my Mother’s instinct to force shut my computer, rushed out of my room, to carry my boy, intending to shield him from more verbal attacks. He was quiet the moment I got to him. I accompanied him and put him into his sleeping corner.

I related his incident to my colleague, he responded “what’s wrong with a Dad disciplining a child?”.
I asked “what’s wrong with a child wanting a Mother’s attention?”, and he agreed.

I don’t blame my husband for loosing patience. He is a filial man, and it aches to see his own son waking up his Dad. I also don’t blame my boy who only innocently wanted my attention.

I seemed to have changed in my perspective while I practice Appreciation Education. Looks positive so far!

Have a happy May Day holiday!


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