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Insurance for your children

Insurance? What insurance should you get for your children? DeeDee (Hubby) & MeeMee (I) think health insurance is a must. We currently have hospitalisation insurance for our children.

As our income level deems fit, we will increase the coverage. But now that I’m not employed, I’m not sure how we should increase the coverage. Will think about this later, so I won’t get too stress over my current choice to look for work from home projects.

Here, we share the types of health insurance available in the market:

1) Hospitalisation insurance – covers hospital bills as a result of an accident or illness.
2) Critical illness insurance – covers treatments and other medical related expenses during major illnesses.
3) Disability income insurance – helps with income loss due to a disability.
4) Long-term care insurance – helps with nursing or home care expenses when one is too weak to look after oneself.
5) Medical expense insurance – helps cover medical expenses for ailments that require out-patient visits to the doctor’s.
6) Hospital cash insurance – gives allowances during hospitalisation to compensate for additional expenditures or income loss.

Please give your views on insurance coverage for your children.

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