I practiced piano with GerGer, finally.

GerGer turned six in June this year, and we started her on weekly piano lessons in August. I am ashamed that I have little time to practice with her. Her progress was actually good, despite me having no time to practice with her. However, she could not play any song with confidence, according to our observations. As the school year reaches the end, pressures on weekly school homework and learning for spelling tests have lifted. Our confectionery retail business also softened as families started to eat out, and buy less bread, pastries and cakes (sob…this is reaKeyboardlly sad news for us). For me to practice piano with GerGer only when school work pressures were lifted and our business schedule relaxed, is not good. I know I should do it with her regularly. I do not know how else I would have the opportunity to practice with her though. It is a daily struggle to get through each day, juggling with coaching the children with their character development, academic learning, and business (i.e. work) which involves operations and development. Despite having a domestic helper to do the household chores, and Ah Gong and Ah Ma to mind the children (including BayBee our niece), my time gets eaten up in a flash, before I could blink my eye even!

Anyway, with just one week of practice with GerGer, she could play with confidence and we can see her enjoy playing the keyboard (we have yet to purchase a piano). She grinned with confidence as she played and we all gave her thumbs up and praises, explaining to her that her improvement boiled down to having enough practice. We hope she would learn to practice on her on in futureGrand Piano Necklace.

Some months back, I revamped my online shop, and now I carry new items which includes music-themed accessories. I believe that GerGer would love them, especially the piano-themed ones when she is older. Visit my shop now to see more items (click here).

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