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I feel lost

DeeDee and my hectic lifestyle has remained as hectic now that we are about 8 months from the opening of our shop. From 2nd Jan, I feel more stretched, having an additional task of coaching my children their homework from kindergarten. My boy’s lack of confidence in writing and thus reluctance makes me feel guilty for not spending the last holidays revising with him. Part of me says let nature takes its course, the other part blames myself for agreeing with DeeDee to start a business.

For the whole of Nov and Dec, sleepless nights were spent doing up our company’s monthly accounts, to analyse our monthly Profit & Loss. I neglected some of the operations in the shop as a result (eg didn’t follow up on missing price tags), and felt it isn’t right.

GerGer had her urgent milk tooth extraction in early January, upon discovering her adult teeth growing out behind it. She cried but I’m absolutely sure she is the bravest among the three kids (BoiBoy and my niece). I was proud of her and brought her to a nearby shopping mall to choose a toy to purchase home.

Our dear BoiBoy still insists on wearing nice clothing at home and to bed, eg polo tees and jeans. (In addition to his Buzz Lightyear pajamas. I give in, after two years of counselling and coaxing. Well, the price for him was no skipping of school and tuition. Oh yes, this Jan, all three kids started to go Morris Allen (long story…. )

Amidst all these craze on top of daily issues from our shop, I feel lost today. TIRED. It’s 4am local time now, I just finished filing the last bits of Dec invoices. I think it’s time for bed.

I’m not sure if my readers still follow and read my blog. I do hope so as this blog is my motivation to walk on.

Good night

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