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Happy New Year, 2013!

2012 has flown by in a flash. For the last ten over years, January is the time I reflect on my career achievements and prepare my pointers in my yearly appraisal form. I recall feeling lousy during the years I was pregnant, seeing no outstanding achievements in my appraisal forms. One of my superiors reminded me that going through my second pregnancy (after my miscarriage) successfully and being a Mother to a little baby girl was my biggest accomplishment then. I paused, and was tongue tied at the comment which was so true. I have lost sight of my life goals, putting only my career in sight. But it did not make me move to the right path yet.

After I gave birth to my boy, when my girl was 15 months old, I felt a little lost. I was upset that the company I had worked so hard for initially refused to allow my block maternity leave of 16 weeks, and requested that I returned to work after 12 weeks. I was determined to resign after 12 weeks of maternity leave but it did not happen because they finally decided to give in. Loyalty and gratefulness are my strengths and also my weaknesses. Upon returning to work when my baby boy was 16 weeks old, I put in all my time and energy to be a superb employee, agreeing to an expanded work-scope and to lead a team three times the size of my original team. Many late nights led to a series of family events, mostly negative ones. I felt as if I was on a see-saw, gaining in career but losing hold of my family and health. Two years on, I am now on the other side of the see-saw. Having more time for family and taking better care of my health but at the expense of giving up my career.

This blog post is my appraisal submission to myself for 2012. Somehow I feel that I am doing the right things now, though I earn miserably compared to the high salary I used to draw. In the past year, my achievements were close to my heart as they were mainly personal and family-related. They included having time to teach my children life skills and academic skills, putting a stop to my guilt for the last few years about spending little time with them. On my “career” front, I am glad I had a stint in a part time job at a big organization (mornings only). In parallel, I secured a few consultancy projects from other Companies and involved myself in Staff Handbook Writing, Appraisal Form Consultancy and Training, as well as WebPage copywriting.

In 2012, I also decided to purchase my own blog domain and started this blog site, while I continued to update my previous blog   Producing some drawings for my blog posts was also a dream come true. I kept the sketches to myself until a dear friend encouraged me to put them on my blog as they looked good to her.

In my pursuit to be a Mumprenuer, and to start a path close to blogging, I started my online shop. My best selling item is Dagi Stylus P507, a very accurate stylus for iPad, Nexus, and many other tablets. Not forgetting that I did very well on the 3D Christmas Tree Cards sales this year, doubling the quantity I sold last year. Here, I express my heartfelt thanks to my customers for supporting my online business, making it possible for me to pursue my Mumprenuer dream. Of course I have my family members (extended) to thank as they have been are a good pillar of support for my endeavors in 2012!

May 2013 bring all of us health, happiness, and prosperity!!!

Happy New Year 2013
Happy New Year 2013

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  1. why isn’t there a like button here? the pic represents life, very well-expressed! may 2013 be all smooth-sailing for us! <3

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