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Guilty Mommy

I did something very wrong yesterday. And I hope I learn from it.

Hubby was frustrated with the kids being roudy for a while. Then the kids spoilt the child safe gate at the kitchen entrance and it got hubby raising his voice at them with blaming words. After a while he took the cane and went to the kids.

Ever since I attended the Appreciation Education Talk in March, I focused more on good communication with kids when the do something wrong.

So the sight of hubby taking the cane stomping into kids’ room freaked me out a little and I verbally interrupted him, saying he is not getting his message effectively delivered with a “scare” tactic.

After that, my hubby told me I should have intervened in front of the kids. I apologized as I agree I was wrong.

I then realized that I should have trusted my hubby more. I shouldn’t have intervened and should have trusted that he knew what he was doing.

I hope I learn from this and not to over react next time.

TRUST is important in relationships.

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