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Tomorrow marks my last working day under the part time contract job I embarked on last year. After many nights of discussion with my husband and revisiting my life goals, and my parenting aims, I decided not to renew. Many reasons were put on the table.

1) Economical – Time wise?
As it is a mornings-only five days work week, I invest 10 hours a week traveling to and from work. Time is precious. They weren’t comfortable making it a 3 full days arrangement.

2) Economical – Money wise?
The package was lower than my asking because I proposed an hourly rate and the hiring manager computed based on a 20-working day month, when I had in mind a 22-working day assumption. Nevertheless, I signed on the dotted line because I went for three (yes I wonder why three for a part time role) interviews, and didn’t want to argue over a small variance before I have shown my worth.

3) Systems and Processes
The systems and processes of support departments are so archaic I’m not used to it. What’s worse is that I’m a vocal person and I couldn’t help giving tons of suggestions on improvements. And I don’t have the patience to wait for slow implementation.

4) My ever expanding role
It seems that corporate life for me is the same everywhere I go. My good work always get well rewarded with bigger scope of work. I’m to blame, because I cannot tolerate low quality work or things that doesn’t make common sense.

My heart sinks to leave friends I have made there, but I’m confident we will remain as friends after I leave.

My sense of security is once again shaken by choice. And I’m back onto my on-going search for a more suitable arrangement to support my desired lifestyle where I can place my family first.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye.

  1. So what are you going to do now?
    Yes. Good work is usually rewarded with more work.
    While it is often the case that the boss can finds it convenient to give the work to someone that he/she trusts there is also the underlying rewards as well.
    Rewards can be in the form of a better bonus (although usually whatever we get never seems to be big enough) or the ability to have influence over the work as examples.
    It may also be that the work given initially was not meant to be the full scope but is meant for the staff to be eased into it.

    Remember as well – at the end of the day, we all have to report to someone.

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