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GerGer has shown initiative

During recent times when AhMa or MeeMee gets all zapped away by BoiBoy’s uncontrolled emotional outbursts, GerGer has shown initiative. She would help AhMa bring her bags over from the school canteen into BoiBoy’s Art Class, when BoiBoy refused to let AhMa leave him. She would help MeeMee take a plastic bag from a clutter of stuff on the school canteen table to put BoiBoy’s soiled pants and socks.

We are happy she has initiative. We showered her with praises. At the same time, we remind her to take care of herself too while helping others.

Here’s a doodle of my little sweet darling GerGer. She requested me to have the blouse in multi-colours, and anxiously directed me on how I should fill the colours in. We love to do “art” projects together.


Drawn on Tablet: iPad4
Drawn with: Dagi Stylus P507
App used: Sketchbook Express for iPad

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