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GerGer’s first Sand Art Piece

My (MeeMee’s) niece is at our place on weekdays when her parents are working. I have decided to name her BayBee in my blog. She is the youngest; three months younger than my boy (BoiBoy).”

It was the last day of the school term this year, and BayBee bought back from school, all her schoolwork from the pre-nursery class. One piece of art work attracted GerGer’s attention. From where I was seated, it looked like a green outline of a fish. It was displayed on a cabinet top, amongst other works, waiting for BayBee’s mother to bring home.

“MeeMee come and see this!” screamed GerGer.

“Aloysius gave me something similar during his birthday celebration in school last week!” GerGer exclaimed.

MeeMee walked over to look at the fish outline. It was sand art. MeeMee never did any sand art pieces in her life. It was not popular in the country during her growing up days.

“MeeMee, may I have mine please? I want to do it too!” pleaded GerGer.

“Yes you may, but because it will take a long while to complete, and it can get a little messy, we need to wait for BoiBoy to be asleep.” replied MeeMee in a soft voice.

Sand Art Bear by GerGer
Sand Art Bear by GerGer

That evening, GerGer waiting anxiously for BoiBoy to sleep. She even told him to go to bed early as she needed to do some art piece which he was not allowed to be part of. BoiBoy agreed, probably not comprehending fully GerGer’s request and it implications for her.  MeeMee entertained herself by watching the children conduct their own discussions, as if they were adults at work.

At around 11 o’clock, BoiBoy was asleep. Finally. In a state of intense excitement, GerGer watched MeeMee removed the wrapper from the sand art card and cut a hole in each of the small packets of coloured sand. MeeMee explained how it the sand art was to be done, and left the decision on what colours to use to GerGer. MeeMee helped to peel out the required pieces as and when GerGer requested, and helped remove excess sand after GerGer was done with a colour.

GerGer’s joy and delight doing sand art filled the hall. She was smiling throughout the two hours of art work, and kept saying “So pretty!!!” each time the excess sand was knocked off the art piece. Her happiness made MeeMee felt so blessed to be beside her, helping her along. It was a wonderful two-hour bonding time for MeeMee and GerGer.

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