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Power Up! our children’s thinking with Eu Yan Sang

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I am always dreaming up new ideas to coach GerGer and BoiBoy to be thinkers, and problem solvers. For the past few years, I have used my self-taught super duper time-consuming ways to teach them that crying over an issue might not be the best way out. I took opportunity of every incident they faced to show them that thinking about what best they should do next might be a better way forward. Of course, I do not force them to bottle up their emotions. I let them cry it all out when they fall down, when their favourite toy is damaged, or when our very big child -DeeDee- secretly finished up their ice Milo or ice cream. ^_^

When they cry, I would first attempt to calm them down, and then explore options with them. I must admit that this journey has not been easy. BoiBoy has only recently started to apply what I taught him for the last two years. I have been observing the duration he needed to calm himself down, and I’m glad the duration is getting shorter as time passed.

Parenting is an uphill task. Regardless of a child’s personality, or character, when he or she feels tired, behavioural problems will show up. Fights are easily triggered, wants become unreasonable demands, and a lost toy seems like the end of the world. Adults face the same issues. When we feel tired, our patience run out faster, we raise our voices easily, or we don’t want to think about a question our boss or spouse asks.

It is important that parents are able to distinguish the reasons a child refuses to obey. They might be simply tired, or we might be dealing with a defiant child. This may sound easy, but to working mothers who juggle daily between work and parenting, we get tired too, and our ability to distinguish may be weak. Over the long term, if parents mistaken tired children that are disobeying, from children developing intentional defiance, we might be on the road to possible parent-children relationship problems in future.

Fred not, parents! Eu Yan Sang’s POWER UP, Essence of Chicken for our children can help us. They are specially made for children aged 2 to 12. Daily consumption can help our children perk up their day, stay more alert and think more clearly!!! Better thinkers means better behaved children, and parents will have a smoother journey in molding our children’s character.

What is Chicken’s Essence? It is chicken meat double boiled for hours. Double boiling is a technique that ensures no loss of liquid or moisture during the boiling process, usually used for handling expensive ingredients.

There are in total three types of Chicken’s Essence Eu Yan Sang made for children. I received two types as samples from Eu Yan Sang. The first type comes with no added herbs and has yellow packaging. Daily consumption can (1) boost mental power, (2) improve concentration, and (3) promote growth. The second type comes with Dangshen, Huaishan and Fuling extract, and has blue packaging. Daily consumption
can (1) boost mental power, (2) improve appetite, and (3) aid digestion.

Eu Yan Sang POWER UP 01

What do I love about Eu Yan Sang’s POWER UP? (1) No Caramel Colouring, (2) No added flavouring and salt, (3) No preservatives, (4) No sugar, (5) No fat, and (6) No cholesterol !

Before I was introduced to Eu Yan Sang’s POWER UP, I did not realise that it actually has NO Caramel Colouring. Oh my! Seriously!!! No Caramel Colouring!!!!!! This is SOOOOOOOO good for mothers like who take extra care about reducing our children’s consumption of colouring agents, additives, and preservatives. There has been a lot of discussion on the impacts of Caramel Colouring which we can read about on the internet.

Anyway, so much about a busy mother loving Eu Yan Sang’s POWER UP. The next question which most parents cannot wait to find out: Will my children drink it? We have fussy eaters!

Bingo! GerGer and BoiBoy could not accept the taste and smell on first attempt.

Eu Yan Sang - GerGer firstEu Yan Sang - BoiBoy try

But a mother never gives up on what we think is good for our children up right? ^_^


For the next six days, I poured Eu Yan Sang’s Chicken’s Essence (POWER UP) into the dishes AhMa cooked for the family. I separated the children’s portion before adding in Chicken’s Essence, and I only added them just before they have their meal. The daily dishes that are more suitable for adding of Eu Yan Sang’s Chicken Essence should be the soup, as well as the dish of stir-fried meat in dark soya sauce. Soup or gravy will help to dilute the smell of the Chicken’s Essence which children may not like. Let’s take a look at the delicious dishes and soup AhMa cooks for us for our usual lunch or dinner.

Eu Yan Sang - stir fried meatEu Yan Sang - cucumber soupEu Yan Sang - stir fried chicken



Eu Yan Sang - pork ribs soup

Eu Yan Sang - meat with straw mushrooms


Eu Yan Sang - Tou Fu Soup








And guess the results ……..


Eu Yan Sang POWER UP - Hurray

It was a 101% success throughout the six-day trial. GerGer and BoiBoy finished their food without realising that I have added in Eu Yan Sang’s Chicken Essence!!! Hip Hip Hurray to smoother parenting journeys with Eu Yan Sang’s POWER UP Chicken’s Essence for children aged two to twelve!!!

For more information on Eu Yan Sang’s POWER UP Chicken Essence, visit

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