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Eco Friendly Cute Torch for Children

What is the coolest toy amongst children these days? iPads, iPhones, Play Stations, or the popular Nexus perhaps.  I have been putting barriers to exposing my children to these gadgets and I hope they learn social skills when they are young, instead of hiding in a corner playing Angry Birds Game, or other Educational Games.

A new toy which I bought for my children and niece fascinates me. Eco Friendly Cute Animal Torch!

Eco Friendly Cute Torch
Eco Friendly Cute Torch

These are the reasons for my purchase:
1) Reasonably Priced: It’s only 2% the of an iPad’s cost.
2) Eco-Friendly: no batteries required
3) Educational tool: teach children about (a) saving energy, (b) usefulness of a torch during blackout emergencies or during night camping, (c) safety issues during blackout.
4) Social Skills facilitator: children can play Eco Torch with one another at home facilitating social skills, compared to iPads, iPhones, or Nexus which are for one-child play.
5) Safe for Children: There are not dangerous parts in this torch, and no intensive parental supervision is needed.

Thumbs Up for this Eco Friendly Torch!   My children are loving it and we now have a new activity during our night play sessions – “I spy shine a bear!”, “I shine a pillow!”, “I shine a piglet!”

Get one for yourself now at MeeMee’s SHOP now!

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