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DIY drawing (doodle) stylus for iPhone

I recently downloaded Doodley app , and was in awe of the detailed and amazingly beautiful doodles in the Hall of Fame. I never thought of owning a stylus for better precision doodling on my iPhone but the winning doodles I saw triggered this desire.

I browsed online and in the retail stores only to find expensive styli (SGD 40 to 80). So I stated researching on DIY styli. This video (in link below) is amazing. It is fast, so you need patience to watch it a few times, or watch his other related videos in order to understand his brilliant instructions. The artist seems to be a Japanese and it was mentioned the videos that the translations were computer-aided. I didn’t understand when I first watched it.

DIY fine tip stylus for iPhone or iPad (mobile view)

DIY fine tip stylus for iPhone or iPad (desktop view)

I failed on my first attempt, and later found out it was due to the material I used. It wasn’t strong enough as a conductor. So to test for strength, I used strips of my next couple of materials on my iPhone. I held one end of it with my fingers and let the other end scribbling on the screen.

Do not test the conductivity of the material by having it between your finger and the screen, as if you are wiping the screen with it – this makes it possible to get a response from the iPhone even with a low strength conductor.

So in this post, I share photo-instructions of my very first successful DIY stylus!

I’m so happy now, but can’t wait to get my hands on translucent anti static wrap material (those anti static packaging material usually used for Harddisks) for my next attempt at a better DIY stylus.

Anyone knows where I can buy some?

(1) First find some paper and roll it.


(2) Twist it so that it does not open up.


(3) Fit the paper into a retractable ball point pen. Do not remove the ink cartridge – do not open or do anything to the pen


(4) Find a good conductor material. I found the packaging of the fiber gel given by our Pediatrician to be a good conductor. You can try potato chips wrapper too.


(5) cut it into a strip, and make a “mirror” cut (both sides of the strip shown below)



(6) hold the strip of material against the pen and its tip. Place a transparent adhesive tape on it’s “tip”. (please do your own trial and error, because I might have placed it in the wrong way – which still works like a gem!)



(7) add tape to the body of the pen to hold down the conductor material

(8) add adhesive tape to the parts of the stylus tip with sticky side exposed, so that it will not stick to other objects while in use or in storage


(9) trim the stylus tip with a scissors. My stylus “tip” is now trimmed thinner than the one in the photos below, after I traced and coloured the Garfield picture at the end of this post.


(10) there you have it! A purrrrfect drawing stylus for my iPhone. It should work for iPads too.


(11) Trace and Colour Test!!!
Traced this in ArtStudio Lite and coloured it. Good to have a stylus!!!!


I’ll venture on to my next DIY stylus when I find new materials.

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