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Day1 March 2012 school holidays

Yesterday was the start of a one week School Holiday for my children. I took off from work to spend time with them. I had so much fun just staying at home with them.

I woke up at 5.30am to make western mushroom soup for the family. My Mother In Law steamed the Longevity Buns from Sunday’s prayers for breakfast. Weird combination but it’s comfort food. My boy didn’t like the soup, but my niece and my elder girl liked it. Sister-In-Law, and my husband had the soup too. In-Laws don’t like western soup but my Mother-In-Law tasted some. That made me very happy! 🙂

After breakfast, the helper and I brought the children to the void deck for some leisure cycling; it was raining.

I had fun with my children in the evening learning through play, enjoying story telling, having writing practice with my girl. It was a happy day!

At night, when my girl heard that I’ll be working the next day, she hugged me tight and said “no”. Awwww, it really made me feel like taking another day off.

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