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DAGi Stylus P507 in new colours

The past week has been very busy. Today we enter the Fifth day of the Snake Year. GerGer was down with stomach virus, and thankfully we managed to bring her in to the Pediatrician last Saturday (Chinese New Year’s Eve) for some medication. School reopens officially today, following a one hour Chinese New Year celebration in school yesterday. Now that GerGer and BoiBoy are in school, I compose this blog post.

Besides handling a super duper sticky boy last week, we were busy with the hosting of relatives from my Father In Law’s family. We thought it would be good we host the annual Chinese New Year gathering this year so we have an extra pair of hands to help out, as our helper’s two year contract will be up soon.

To my surprise, my mini business in the past week was good. Sales for styluses increased. Currently my stock of Dagi Stylus P507 include new colours: Red and Light Blue, in addition to Black.  You may purchase from my shop here, or

DAGi Stylus P507 Red Blue Black
DAGi Stylus P507 Red Blue Black

I am also very happy that I have befriended some of my customers. I realised I am not selling products. I am building relations. I seek to be sincere in helping my customers meet their needs. If the product I carry is not helping them, then I will go the extra mile to research what may work for them.

Teaching the children has taken a little back seat while I build up my mini business. I’m feeling guilty – can’t help feeling this way. Every time I guide GerGer with her schoolwork, I realised I have not been revising with her, and she forgets what she had learned.

These are the times I think aloud “Why mothers can’t have it all?



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