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My brother and I never owned a bicycle. Our parents never brought us for cycling outings. I’m not sure when and how my brother learned to cycle. I did it the peer pressure way.

At 13, I was out with my band mates at Sentosa for a fun filled Saturday and I was about the only one who couldn’t ride a bicycle. So one of my band mates taught me patiently at a gentle slope at first to master balancing.

I was a quiet girl and had poor motor skills. I didn’t exercise and was overweight from 9 to 13 years old. My girl seems to have her poor motor skills from me. 🙁

The learning about balancing was easy with the gentle slope as no paddling was needed to complicate matters. Soon I could cycle. And before I knew it, I was tagging along the whole group of about five band mates cycling way ahead of me. I was cycling faster than I’m confident of but peer pressure made me continue.

At a steep and curved slope, I fell hard. No tears. Well, maybe a little. I didn’t attend to the open wound. I continued cycling, and after that followed the group for some roller skating fun, which was the first time for all of us. By the time I reached home, my wound was so painful I could not sleep that night. My super caring and task oriented problem solver mother when to buy me some medicine in power form which dried up the wound in no time.

With my experience as a backdrop, I hope my children gets exposed to cycling younger than I did. Hopefully I can help them learn cycling without falling badly.

In the next few months I hope to get a bicycle for my elder girl. Her tricycle has gotten too small and my younger boy has taken ownership of it.


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