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Crying & Crying Toddler


Having experienced the toddler tantrums from my elder girl, I started the same discipline style for my younger boy around the same time I did for my girl. Fourteen months, they were.

I recently realised that my boy did not respond the same way my girl did. My girl learned to take alternatives of her wants, when we were preparing to go out. She has mastered the art of not delaying the going out portion of any trip as there might be other situations leading to a cancelation of an outing. I remember she was around three years old or earlier when she progressed to this stage.

My boy will be turning three in two months, and is still crying over a bundle of things:
1) wearing a particular set of clothing over and over again,
2) wearing long socks
3) wearing only his sports shoes even if we were only going to the void deck for a stroll.
4) wanting the newest toy added to the flat, leaving his Pre-loved untouched.
5) wanting to have stickers which his Sister shows him, but not let him have.
6) wanting Mummy to stay home and not go to work.
7) wanting Ah Gong (grandpa) or Daddy to go away because he wants only Mummy.

On the good side, he has learned:
1) to wait patiently for Mummy to finish her 20min shower, if he insisted on only letting Mummy feed him
2) to wait patiently for Mummy to finish her dinner, if he insisted playing with Mummy only.
3) not to wear his favourite clothes when they are still wet. (but hasn’t master the act of only wearing his long sleeved and long pants pyjama sets at night when it is cooler).

I am getting a little impatient with his slower than I expected progress recently and got into my Pre-appreciation education methodology of disciplining him. Standing him beside my bed and lecturing him when he cries over little things.

I feel guilty for turning negative. Him sticking to me whole day long doesn’t help me recharge my patience. I hugged him more and told him I love him more times, these two days and nights.

I’m feeling rather lost at this juncture of my parenting towards this little boy of mine. I pray for strength and patience, as I search for my lost positivity.

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