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Cheeky Wake Up Call

BoiBoy used to sleep with me in our master bedroom, until we started our business and reached home late every night. He now sleeps in the children’s room with AhMa and GerGer. He misses me, he says often (such a lovely boy). Some days, he will call me while I’m at work to request that I sleep beside him in the children’s room.  It is so hard to reject his requests. It’s not to buy a toy; it’s not to bring him out or buy him supper. It’s only to be with him when he is asleep. A sweet request, it is to me. I would sleep on a 120 cm by 60 cm floor space laid with a thin mattress. Such are the only times I feel good to be short. I love how he sometimes wakes me up with his cheeky morning calls.

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

Cheeky Wake Up Call

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