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Challenging times; challenging parenthood

This week is memorable. It is slightly challenging for the family nucleus I’m in.

I was down with flu since last Tuesday and I am still coughing and my throat still feels dry and irritated.

Mother in Law was due for her regular checkup on Monday, and today was the review with a doctor.

My boy was rejected entrance to his kindergarten on Wednesday morning. He had an ulcer in his throat. I was very lucky that my Sister In Law happened to be on medical leave and offered to bring my boy to the PD. I’m very thankful for her help. PD certified that my boy has contacted HFMD, and we have to quarantine my kids from my niece. Sister in law made the arrangements.

I am very thankful that I’m now having a part time job, allowing me to manage my time facing these unforeseen challenges.

I’m traveling to work now that my Mother in Law is back home from her health report review. As I started the one hour long journey, a thought crossed my mind that if only I could with from home. I would not have to spend ten hours a week commuting to work. It doesn’t make economical sense to me. But I understand that my bosses want continuity at work, so if only the nature of my work could allow working from home.

Well, I’m contended. Keeping my needs on mind, in hope I can find a better option that allows me to save on commuting hours.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment! i understand the commuting issue.. a also travel almost 10 hrs per week as you.. there’s no choice as well for me..if i get a part time work and that could be from here only in my field of work.. thats i took this.. but ecenomically it doesnt make sense..sometimes i take cab..which is quite expensive.. what to do?? thinking of quitting job to stay at home now 🙁

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