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My boy was super sticky to me this morning. He wanted me to bring him downstairs to watch the workers cut grass like we did yesterday. But the grass needs cutting only once in a few months. 🙁 So I had to lie. I suggested a bath before we went down. He wanted me to bathe him, in my master bedroom toilet. I did. I didn’t want to leave my girl behind so I told him we should wait. My girl wanted me to bathe her too, at the same spot her brother bathed. My boy refused to let me off insisting that I carried him. Luckily my girl was willing to let my helper bathe her. Phew!

Off we went for a walk. I usually could manage both kids alone so I didn’t ask my helper along. Little did I expect us to wander into a Lunar New Year celebration at a nearby Community Centre. It was crowded and warm.

My boy wanted me to carry him from the time we were less than halfway into our stroll. My arms had no rest. My girl was good and has been holding on to my pocket as we walked. But she was distracted at the fair.

She wanted to play the games, wanted pop corn, cotton candy, balloons, and asked to watch the lion dance which had not began. Pop corn and cotton candy were out of the question given that she was under my observation since she vomited a few days ago. After lots of walk-around, I decided we should queue for the sculptured balloons, so that we could watch the lion dance while we waited in the queue.

Ten minutes later, the Minister arrived and the lion dance started, to welcome the guest of honor. My girl said should could not see and was being pushed around. I couldn’t bear to have my boy in my arms but not let my girl see the lion dance. So I grabbed my girl and lifted her for a couple of minutes. I wishes I had more muscles to sustain.

The lion dance went on for a short while, and as the sound of drums and cymbals stopped, I felt my energy level dropped. I surrendered and called my helper to come over to help. (My husband and Mother In Law were out for Taoism prayers). We collected a doggy and a flower balloon just as my helper arrived. We went home with my boy still in my arms. He refused to get down and I didn’t want to make him cry as he would nap without his lunch if he did.

I guess the kids and I had a short stint of fun at the Celebration. 🙂 After the children had lunch, I patted my boy to help him with his nap. My girl as usual wanted to nap with my Mother In Law.

I just had lunch. Thankfully my Father In Law was home to cook lunch for the family. I’m resting in bed as I recollect how tiring but enjoyable this morning was for me. 🙂

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