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Happy New Year, 2013!

2012 has flown by in a flash. For the last ten over years, January is the time I reflect on my career achievements and prepare my pointers in my yearly appraisal form. I recall feeling lousy during the years I was pregnant, seeing no outstanding achievements in my appraisal forms. One of my superiors reminded… Read More Happy New Year, 2013!

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Work-life scale off-balance last week

It has been a busy week. When a house has a sick child, our minds get anxious and we get a little tired with less sleep and more busy with a sick child to mind. My girl has flu and her fever has not subsided without medication. Thursday night her fever started. Tonight will be… Read More Work-life scale off-balance last week

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Nursery class bully

I’m rushing home as I compose this post. Got a call from home about my girl refusing to go to school and cried non-stop. I’m mentally tired just thinking about how best I should handle this. Apparently there is a class bully who went around pinching kids. I’m angry about being the only and default… Read More Nursery class bully