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Spree: Accurate Fine Tip Stylus

I’m starting a Spree for Fine Tip DAGi Stylus P507. Details on “Chewingonit Sprees” page.

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Drawing as a form of creativity

After being in this world and experiencing life for more than thirty years, I choose to believe I’m slightly creative. Creativity can be in many forms, for example, seen in drawings, doodles, colouring, pretend plays, finding similarities and opposites in … Continue reading

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DIY drawing (doodle) stylus for iPhone

I recently downloaded Doodley app , and was in awe of the detailed and amazingly beautiful doodles in the Hall of Fame. I never thought of owning a stylus for better precision doodling on my iPhone but the winning doodles … Continue reading

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How Mothers Can Have TV Time

TV Time Tip for Mothers with babies and toddlers:

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Naughty or shy toddler?

My boy caught a cold over the weekend, and had relatively high fever on Sunday. I brought him to our regular paediatrician, and requested my boy to greet the doctor. I had requested that of him at the start of … Continue reading

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