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World Read Aloud Day! 16 Feb 2017

Today marks this year’s World Read Aloud Day. This Day is created by LitWorld (  It is an invitation to the world to join in the wonderful act of Reading Aloud. Spreading kindness and positive social changes around us can … Continue reading

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How to draw a cute flamingo [with Dagi Stylus, and Procreate on iPad]

I received a lot of encouragement on my first non-professional Demo Video on the use of Dagi Stylus P702. A dear friend suggested I demonstrate how to draw some of my latest art works (I do art works used for … Continue reading

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It is a good thing that the children are noisy.

Before I had children, I didn’t enjoy noise that children made in restaurants, on the plane, and almost anywhere else. Now that I am a mother, and have (sort of) gotten used to the noise, I don’t get disturbed by … Continue reading

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Give away contest!!! Dagi Stylus (Model 505, black)

The New Year is arriving soon, and MeeMee is giving away a Dagi Stylus model P505 (black colour) to the CUTEST digital drawing entry submitted. If you are a digital artist, simply submit a CUTE digital drawing to win. Details … Continue reading

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Motherhood – Fun Race

The children are having their school holidays now. I conducted classes at home for the past weeks to keep the children occupied, so AhMa (and DeeDee, on his off-work days) could take a nap while the classes were in session. … Continue reading

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Getting Dressed

Getting Dressed. These two pictures speak a thousand words. My motherhood journey continues….

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A drawing of our extended family

There is a header banner on my blog. It has our extended family in it. What?! You mean you have never noticed it? Oh well, it is my fault as I am equipped with self-trained cum quarter-schooled drawing and design … Continue reading

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The Perfect Stylus for iPad, iPhone, Nexus, Samsung Tab 7.7 and more

I love to doodle on my iPhone 4S, but my fingers aren’t good for this past time. Some months back, I attempted to make my own stylus. It was fun and it worked alright. Wished I could get my hands … Continue reading

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Drawing is contagious

MeeMee loves to draw since young. DeeDee dislikes drawing on the contrary. But recently DeeDee started doodling after seeing MeeMee coach GerGer and BoiBoy drawing, and after being forced to give comments on MeeMee’s doodles for her blog posts (oops!). … Continue reading

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Motherhood insane moments… talking paracetamol?!?

Is motherhood making me insane? Talking paracetamol?!? (a recent true account of me feeding my boy paracetamol)

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