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DIY drawing (doodle) stylus for iPhone

I recently downloaded Doodley app , and was in awe of the detailed and amazingly beautiful doodles in the Hall of Fame. I never thought of owning a stylus for better precision doodling on my iPhone but the winning doodles I saw triggered this desire. I browsed online and in the retail stores only to… Read More DIY drawing (doodle) stylus for iPhone

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Spiderman – DIY colouring book

Spiderman was aired on Channel 5 last Saturday evening. My kids know this character and a brief version of the story beforehand. They couldn’t stay put throughout the movie, and I thought they weren’t interested. On Sunday morning, my boy demanded to watch Spiderman. I explained to him that it was aired on television and… Read More Spiderman – DIY colouring book

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DIY foam pigs for Maths lesson : count the legs

Made these a while ago for my kids and my niece who comes over on weekdays. I made them with a purpose to teach them to count and for my elder girl to revise the fact that pigs have four legs. Not fantastic drawing there, on my first attempt making craft with foam. Hope you… Read More DIY foam pigs for Maths lesson : count the legs

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The cold bug and a tired mummy

Within a short span of two months, my boy caught three kids of flu virus/cold one after another. I got desperate. In addition to Vitamin C (which we stopped after his first of this three-series of flu/cold bug, and forgot about it until two days ago), I started both my children on Omega 3 oil… Read More The cold bug and a tired mummy