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Calmness? or Emotional Drainage?

Sounds from chirping birds soothe the minds. The gentle wind cools the air, and Vanilla smell fills the hall. MeeMee brings out a tall plate of pancakes, as the children finished brushing up with DeeDee’s help. Everyone got ready for breakfast just in time.

“Thank you MeeMee for breakfast!” the children’s voices filled MeeMee’s heart with warmth.

Pancakes and Calmness
Pancakes and Calmness

I had imagined parenthood to children of ages four and three to be mostly calm and peaceful. The truth smacked me with many spurts of hair-pulling, and emotionally draining episodes almost daily.

“More! More! More!” shouted my children, as I cut out “money” from thick paper for them play and get familiarized with the concept of money. Not a single word of gratitude was uttered. The mood got more intense.

“Be patient.” I exclaimed.

“We have waited Rrrrrrreally long.” whined the children.

When I had cut out enough “coins” and “notes” to satisfy their eagerness, I thought I could sit back to take a breather before teaching them some math with money.

Cardboard Money
Cardboard Money

Loud cries filled the room. Both fought for more “money”. I stepped into the room, after keeping my tools used for cutting out the “money” and asked in a stern voice “Please tell me, did Mummy cut these so you could fight over them?”

“Nnooo.” said GerGer. BoiBoy was too upset to respond.

I reminded them of my house rule for sibling fights. The objects which they fight over would be confiscated or thrown away, because the purpose for their existence in the house was for happy play. GerGer immediately passed some “money” to BoiBoy but not quite enough to satisfy his want. He sulked.

“Ask for more money nicely” I instructed. He tried, in a muffled voice as he cried. GerGer passed him more “money”. He was not ready to step out of his emotional state, and had requested to take a nap. As I brought him out of the room, he said to GerGer “I’m not playing with you anymore.”

I had to bring him back into the room, telling him in a gentle voice that he was being rude especially when his sister had already shared the “money” with him.

“Now children, we are family. And what should we do?” I asked.

BoiBoy got up from the floor as GerGer exclaimed “Hug!”. Seeing my children make up after a fight is the greatest joy of all. By this moment, I was emotionally drained. But it’s my job. It’s motherhood.

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