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Work-life scale off-balance last week

It has been a busy week. When a house has a sick child, our minds get anxious and we get a little tired with less sleep and more busy with a sick child to mind.

My girl has flu and her fever has not subsided without medication. Thursday night her fever started. Tonight will be the forth day, and I will bring her for another trip to the PD tomorrow morning.

I have a part time job and work in the mornings from Mondays to Fridays. Last week I couldn’t balance the family-work scale. On Monday afternoon, my boy had a bad fall and it hurt his gums so bad he couldn’t eat. We rushed him to the PD that night. On Tuesday I wanted to be home with my boy to give him comfort as he copes with the pain and inconvenience of chewing food with a sore gum. On Wednesday, I was on planned leave to fetch my children to and from school as my Mother-In-Law had to go for post cataract opt review. On Thursday my boy woke up crying; pleading me not to go to work. Luckily I had foreseen this and had a “new” Cartoon (Toy Story 1) on DVD to distract him. That night, my girl had a fever and has since been coughing every night causing her to vomit.

Now I worry that my work schedule next week (meetings, appointments) may be disrupted, as I noticed my boy sneezing a couple of times today.

On a happier note, I was fortunate enough to be offered some one-off freelance consultancy work and I enjoyed working 6 hours at home yesterday, where my family took care of the kids, where I could sit my boy on my lap when he looks for me, and where I get to attend to them for a short snippets of time here and there.

A mummy’s life goes on…. constantly seeking a balance in work and life.

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