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Running a small business is time consuming.  Well, “running” small family is much more time consuming. I missed blogging, and today I have squeezed time for a simple post on how my typical mornings pass by in a flash.

I had a late night, so I stayed a little longer in bed this morning (this is the best part of owning a business, but I pay forward with late nights).

10.20am – I was awaken by screams and cries. GerGer and BoiBoy quarreled over a name tag. I went over to them to just talk to them.  My usually style is : (1) First seek to understand, and so I asked them what happened, without judging. I listened and let them have an outlet for their anger as they told me their views. (2) Second, use stories to associate their behaviour with. There is a story about two squirrels – siblings – who quarreled and was almost eaten by a snake because they didn’t stay vigilant and wasted time on arguing over a sweet. (sorry readers, I made this story up. I don’t know if snakes eat squirrels and I know squirrels don’t eat sweets.  I just had to have a story that they can associate with). After I refreshed their memory of the story, they hugged one another.  I felt good that I helped.  [I am grateful that I had time during their younger days, to make up stories that are personal to us, for me to use as character molding teaching resource now.]

10.40am – I washed up. Heard grumpy noises and went over to the other room. BoiBoy wanted Grandma to feed him his lunch, and GerGer wanted Grandma to bath her. I raised my voice a little as a sign of warning. Told them to make peace or the next time I’ll be using the cane to speak to them. I walked away.  At the corner of my eye, I saw GerGer teared but went on to let our Helper bath her.

10.45am – I switched on my laptop to check on an invoice.  Mum-in-law walked into my room and reminded me to have my breakfast. Oh!!!  I totally forgot about breakfast.  I went to have some food, and made coffee. Before I had my coffee, I heard Mum-in-law kept asking BoiBoy to change into his uniform. He was moody. So I went into the room. He was on the mattress, with his head upside down. I took a carebear which we always played with and held it upside down, as it if was trying to look at BoiBoy in the right direction. He smiled.  (great! I broke the ice).  I offered to carry him to the hall to his uniform. He let me.  In the hall, Mum-in-law offered him a sweet to reward him, as I went to drink up my coffee.

11.05am – as I returned to my room, I went to the store room to pick up an empty envelope. Wrote the address on the envelope, slipped in the cheque, preparing for it to be mailed later.  Mum-in-law reminded me about an enrollment form in BoiBoy’s bag for next year’s Kindergarten. Oh!!! I have forgotten about it the entire weekend!!  I took out the forms from both GerGer’s and BoiBoy’s bags, checked their homework, packed their bags (removing items no longer needed in school), and checked the deadline of the forms. Phew! due only on 14 March.

12pm – Just completed this blog post.  On to my daily task for the business.  Time flew away in a wink of an eye.

Lots of adhoc matters happening now. I’m trying to be more organised, but keep getting disrupted.  I guess I’ll only get better at it. !!!

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