Breakfast for the family 9 June

I enjoyed myself this morning, making breakfast for my family. Woke up at 6am and finished at 7.30am.

I tried the mushroom soup recipe from and added Pure Cream after puréeing. I added a small amount of chicken stock cube for a Chinese flavour. I like the fact that this recipe takes away the mushroom strong taste. However my family would like it more salty.

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2 Responses to Breakfast for the family 9 June

  1. shaktii says:


    you wake up so early.. i cant imagine 6am at all.. iam such a lazy bum these days.. how u manage that.. any secrets he he?? when u go to bed??

    • chewingonit says:

      I usually sleep around 11pm earliest. I put my boy to bed so I can sleep only after he falls asleep soundly.
      I get excited about preparing a meal for my family, and I set the alarm clock to wake myself up. 🙂
      It’s how much we want to do something that triggers our actions I guess.

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