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BoiBoy’s first pair of slippers!

There is nothing special about purchasing a pair of slippers for young children, even toddlers. But for me, it is a big milestone.  To be more precise, it is a major milestone for BoiBoy who showed no fear of wearing slippers.

Last weekend, I brought GerGer and BoiBoy to a children’s departmental store to buy them new toys, as a way of rewarding them for attending their Chinese Enrichment Class conducted in their Kindergarten. After they selected their toys, I brought them to the footwear section. GerGer’s slippers has gotten too small for her months ago, but frugal DeeDee has disallowed me from getting GerGer a bigger pair of Havaianas slippers (retailing at SGD 29.90). My rationale for getting GerGer a pair of Havaianas was that the slim design fitted her slim feet (like mine) very well. I have a pair of slim Havaianas.

I was busy letting GerGer try on various models of slippers, when BoiBoy took a pair of Angry Bird slippers and told me he knew the characters printed it. The last time (8 to 10 months ago), BoiBoy did not even want to stay at the slippers section when I helped GerGer try on slippers. BoiBoy has shown improvement I thought, but I was not sure. I asked if he wanted to try the Angry Bird slippers on and he agreed to my delight.

Since young, BoiBoy seemed to have a fear of being barefooted outside our flat.  When he started going to childcare at 20 months old, he refused to remove his shoes and socks. He only removed them after he got really comfortable. When the teachers brought him to the toilet, he only wanted to stand on his favourite teacher’s feet.  His teachers told me he feared cotton wool when they used it to make a snowman.  He loves sand play but when we brought him to the beach, he freaks out when his feet touched sand, and he would insist wearing his sports shoes at the beach.

I have searched for information on the internet regarding his special fears but found nothing helpful. I have left it alone for years.  Seeing BoiBoy initiate the purchase of a pair of slippers last weekend made my day.  It was like a “WOW” motherhood moment. We are letting him wear his new slippers at home, to get used to it.  We can tell he needs more time to get used to wearing slippers as he only wears it for a short while (compared to GerGer who can wear it for the whole day).Children_Slippers_Blog

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