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BoiBoy’s Art Classes (Part 3) – withdrew

At the start of 2013, I shared about how BoiBoy resisted school after the long “winter” (we have no winter being on the equator) school holidays. I also shared about how he refused to attend his Art Enrichment Class in his Kindergarten.

Motherhood Failure Moments – BoiBoy’s Art Classes

BoiBoy’s Art Classes (Part 2)

This post is a long overdue update following Part 2.  After a few more weeks of attending his Art Classes, he told me he does not like Art Classes. Considering DeeDee hated Art when he was younger, we decided to give in. However, I set a condition that he should continue to attend his Chinese Enrichment Classes.  He also resisted going for his Chinese Enrichment Classes, so we were not sure if he just did not like staying back in school for extra classes, or he genuinely dislike Art.  The condition I imposed was to seek out the real reason.

From middle of March 2013, he attended Chinese Enrichment Classes with no trouble.  But somewhere in April, he requested to have his Chinese Enrichment Classes stopped. So I replied that this was not an option, and that if requested that again I would add back his Art Class. I was very careful to pick my calmest and gentlest voice when I replied because I wanted my message to go through to him effectively. Deep in my thoughts, I know imposing on him did not sound right, but I wanted to see if it was Art that he dislike, or if it was attending more lessons he disliked.

He never requested again to have his Chinese Enrichment Classes stopped.

B Colouring_smToday I still don’t have the answer, but I guess he genuinely does not like Art, and he gets a little tired attending after-school classes as he is a child that requires more nap time than GerGer. A year later (this Feb 2014) we can see from his school work that he still dislike detailed colouring. He has the big picture plan to complete his colouring fast. And DeeDee and MeeMee will accept and celebrate his need for efficiency. ^_^

Motherhood is truly a Trial And Error journey. To persist or not to? To set conditions or not to? There is never a definitely correct option. DeeDee and I always remind ourselves to consider things from our children’s perspective.  We may not have perfected this skill yet but we will keep ourselves on track.

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