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BoiBoy’s Art Classes (Part 2)

(Continuation from last blog post) Monday is here again in a flash. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. I feel a little uneasy waiting at home for time to pass. While I helped BoiBoy changed into his school uniform this morning, he said “I don’t want to go Art Class”. My mind swirled. I didn’t know what to say.

Thirty minutes more, and I’ll be off to his school bringing him some snacks and a drink. My nervous level now is on par with times I had to attend interviews.

Today AhMa walked to school with me. GerGer woke up at seven in the morning, too early for her to skip her nap. So AhMa wanted to fetch her home for a nap, instead of letting her wait in school with me for BoiBoy’s Art class to end.

It was much easier for me to handle one child today, compared to two children previous Mondays. I only needed to make sure BoiBoy ate his snack and had his Milo. It was faster and a breeze for me. Teacher Joanna, the kind lady who helped me last week, came over to our table. She told me Brayan was not interested in drawing lines, but was colouring with both hands with equal strength during class, and she was impressed that both his hands were exerting equal pressure. I took the opportunity to praised him in her presence “Wow Brayan! You are great in colouring!”

After the snack I brought him to the toilet to pee. He was in his cheeky mood. Swaying his bum as he pee. I kept reminding myself to follow his flow, and avoid scolding him. “Do you want your pee to get on your face or on mine?” I asked gently. “Yours!!!!” he replied with might.

We moved on to the sink. He chose to go to the inner most sink and I let him. He washed his hands well, and proceeded to take some pieces of tissue paper near the toilet entrance all by himself. A good sign.

Back at the table, I quickly put on his apron for him, passed him his Art bag, and water bottle. He requested that I wait in the canteen, and I agreed.


Isn’t BoiBoy amazing? The power of trusting is amazing!


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