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I’m happy we got my girl a bicycle sooner than I had expected. My husband purchase habits involves a very long and relaxed process. Our girl and I have been waiting since about six months ago.

The good thing is that I see it as a way to manage her expectations for purchases. I keep talking to her about what to expect to manager her expectations. This is important.

Every time she asks for a toy or want, she now knows the process:
(1) no rush policy
(2) when Daddy and Mummy are free, we will bring her to view possible options. We don’t buy on the first trip. (3) later on we will repeat step (2) to see if we can find what fits the want better.
(4) repeat (2) until we are comfortable of the best buy.
(5) we buy but we prepare our girl for out-of-stock situations. That is to go for 2nd best buy another day.

After six months, we bought a bicycle together for our dear daughter! It’s a little big for her to brake comfortably now so we are into Stage 1 training: Learn to ride slowly and break.


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