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Bad experiences

Just to share two recent bad after sales experiences.

Case 1:
We recently called Singtel to enquire about the dongle which was not working. The staff advised us to replace the SIM card at any Singtel shop. If that fails, go to Comcentre to check the device.
To my surprise when I was at Comcentre, the staff asked me to go to the equipment manufacturer which was at another place. I couldn’t go because I was required to bring along warranty card and Singtel sales contact.
Wasted trip. Wrong advice over the phone.

Case 2:
We recently bought a laptop at Challenger. The sales guy served us well. He got commission from the sale. He cut out the serial number label on the box and offered to send in to the manufacturer for us to register for warranty. He even mentioned it was easy for him as all he needed to do was to pass the documents to the manufacturer salesman who was at the store weekly. He promised to call us within a week for an update. He offered all these without our request so we were naturally happy.
A week passed. No call was received.
We called. He insisted that we needed to register ourselves, and there must have been some miscommunication.
Why would he remove the serial number label needed for warranty registration and expect us to register???
I would not so mad if he had admitted that he had forgotten.

Bad experiences spoils the day. What’s the problem here? Staff with insufficient training for case 1 and irresponsible salesman on case 2???

2 thoughts on “Bad experiences

  1. This is a serious problem in Singapore’s service and retail industry. No one is taking ownership of their mistakes! That salesman can try that elsewhere like Japan, and I’m sure he will be fired!

    1. True. I’m curious if the management even bothers to know what happened. It seems that typical management is concern more about the sales numbers and bottom line, the service.

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