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Appreciating my daughter

I brought my daughter to buy two Care bears today. I let her choose which to buy and she picked Love-a-lot bear.


We needed to get one for my boy so they won’t fight over one bear.

I lifted a Good Luck bear, “which should we get for your younger Brother?”

“He never sat on the green chair we have at home. He likes to colour with orange colour pencil.”

I returned Good Luck bear to the shelf, and picked Funshine bear, while I gave my girl an enquiring look.

“He doesn’t like to sit on the yellow chair at home. He always fights for the red chair. Why don’t we get him a red bear, like the one in my hand, too?”

We did.

I’m pleasantly surprised and very pleased that our daughter is so observant and paid attention to what her younger brother likes and dislikes. I proudly shared this with my husband. We are both very proud of her.

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