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Motherhood means business Blog was setup officially in October 2012. It continues from my previous blog on chewingonit.wordpress.com.

I’m a mother of two, and a wife of a filial and frugal man. We have been staying with my parents-in-law since we got married. I call myself the Excel Formula expert. I like crafts, gadgets, make DIY stuff for my children.

Character Names – appearing from October 2012 onwards:
MeeMee: Myself, the mother. My children calls me Mummy or MeeMee.
DeeDee: My husband, the daddy. Our children calls him Daddy or DeeDee.
GerGer: My elder girl.
BoiBoy: My younger boy.
AhGong: My Father-in-law. My children addresses their Grandpa in Teochew dialect “Ah Gong”.
AhMah: My Mother-in-Law. My children addresses their Grandma in Teochew dialect “Ah Mah”.
BayBee: My Niece, who comes over when her parents are at work. My children addresses her as their baby. She is three months younger than BoiBoy.

Hope you enjoy this blog.

Thank you for visiting!

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