A drawing of our extended family

There is a header banner on my blog. It has our extended family in it.

What?! You mean you have never noticed it? Oh well, it is my fault as I am equipped with self-trained cum quarter-schooled drawing and design skills.

When I designed the banner, a few close friends helped gave comments on how it should be improved. I also consulted DeeDee, and of course our budding artist GerGer! Most of the time, she was sitting by me watching me draw and amend when I created the banner. That process might have made an impression in her memory, as she drew stick figures of our extended family two days ago, resembling a banner.  Her drawing included BayBee, and her parents who are temporarily staying with us while their new flat (just across the street) is being renovated.

They are stick figures, simple and not too difficult. Nothing too detailed, but I simply adore them. I can admire for days, how she carefully drew each of our hairstyles differently, according to her observations. I appreciate that she drew heels for the females and shoes for the males. This is a priceless piece to me.   I guess she gives my works the same admiration.  She can flip my sketch book of stick figures I did for this blog, time and time again. She would request I tell her the story behind my sketches, and she would tell them to BoiBoy and BayBee with the sketchbook.

Hopefully GerGer and I can create works together in future.

My Extended Family

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